All of the back-end services that ALE provides, such as cleaning the data, keeping the data updated, and all accounting services are performed free of charge.

Auto Lead Exchange has built industry-leading, end-to-end technology that generates and delivers new and pre-owned vehicle leads. We are looking to partner closely with companies that have the necessary footprint and need to be fast-tracked to the front of the lead-generation pack. Here is a brief outline of our available solutions:

Lead Generation

Our technology is currently being used on over three hundred web locations to capture automotive shoppers. Leads are generated through frame technology as well as data file distribution for partners as small as individual dealerships through to the largest wholesale lead buyers.

New Vehicle Leads - Wholesale

We purchase leads from the vast majority of quality new-vehicle lead generators for our wholesale partners and retail dealerships. Some generators communicate with us many thousands of times a day via ping-post technology. Generators with less volume use our non-branded framed technology to generate new-vehicle leads, which are sold to our retail dealerships or to the highest bidding wholesale buyer.

New Vehicle Leads - Retail

Individual dealerships, dealer groups, banks and leasing companies buy leads from us in a unique way. By leveraging the power of our ping-post technology, retail lead buyers are able to quickly and easily purchase leads based on desired combinations of specific models, zip codes, lead prices and other pertinent criteria.

Used Vehicle Leads - Wholesale

Every day we import hundreds of thousands of vehicles from wholesale partners. These files are normalized and upgraded with accurate color, model and class information. Upgrading the vehicle data and using the most advanced and intuitive search technology in the industry enables car shoppers to quickly find the right vehicle in their local markets. Through our unique framing technology, this inventory file (in whole or in part) is placed on hundreds of websites that in turn generate many thousands of unique, vehicle-specific leads per month.

Used Vehicle Leads - Retail

Every day we also collect inventory for each of our retail dealerships from all of the major data collection companies (Dealer Specialties, KBB, AutoBase, and more). These retail vehicles are also included in our daily vehicle inventory and are displayed on hundreds of websites that in turn generate unique, vehicle-specific leads.

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