Auto Lead Exchange has built industry-leading, end-to-end technology that generates and delivers new and pre-owned vehicle leads. We are looking to partner closely with companies that have the necessary footprint and need to be fast-tracked to the front of the lead-generation pack.

"Strength through Technology and Partnerships"

For most media companies, the automotive industry generates the highest percentage of revenue. A large portion of these media companies do little if anything to measure, increase, and tailor their online offering to accommodate automotive industry ad-spend. This is due to the high barriers of entry. These barriers include engaging in partnerships with not one but all of the key players, and developing the technology to seamlessly combine the needs of all these partners into a consumer-friendly, yet powerful solution.

ALE's sole purpose is to start, grow and increase partnerships with quality companies that buy leads, and to integrate these companies with advanced, easy-to-use, quality technology. Our offering is then provided to websites that are able to use these cornerstones to build an online automotive portal/channel. These cornerstones satisfy users that are interested in buying a new or pre-owned car by enabling them to easily get in touch with local dealers that have the appropriate vehicle.

An automotive portal/channel provides sales personnel with very targeted "real estate" (space on your website) to sell. Dealerships, auto parts stores, auto finance companies, etc. are far more willing to part with their advertising dollars when they know that the "eyeballs" viewing their online advertising, such as a banner ad, are all interested in what they have to sell. Conversely, sites without an automotive portal cannot measure, grow, or monetize their automotive traffic.

All of the back-end services that ALE provides are performed free of charge. Some of these services include: cleaning the data by removing extraneous characters; matching misspelled and abbreviated values to the appropriate values (such as 'blk' to 'black'); ensuring that the new-vehicle data is kept up-to-date, etc. In addition to technology services, we also ensure that financial transactions are conducted in a timely manner so that affiliates get paid as soon as possible.
We are looking to partner closely with the right company.

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