Why commit to just one, when you can sell to the top twenty lead buyers. Our forms will match the fonts and colors of your site. No technical development or financial commitment needed on your part.

Essentials for an Online Automotive Portal.

Why Do You Need an Automotive Portal?

For most media companies, the automotive industry generates the highest percentage of revenue. A large portion of these media companies do little if anything to measure, increase, and tailor their online offering to accommodate automotive industry ad-spend. This is due to the high barriers of entry. Auto Lead Exchange has built everything for you so that you can benefit by immediately generating revenue from your existing website traffic.

All you need to do is include one or more of our forms on your website. Framing a form takes a few minutes... it's that simple. Our forms are unbranded and will be tailored to match the colors and fonts of your website. Users will not realize that the automotive pages are framed, and will remain on your site while they browse for vehicles.

Every time a user generates an inquiry about a vehilce, Auto Lead Exchange sells the information to a dealership in strict accordance with our privacy policy, and the user is contacted directly by the dealership. This results in revenue, which is shared with you, and you get 80%.

There are two forms for you to frame, but you may elect just one if you wish:
Within minutes, your site can generate and sell new-vehicle quote leads through ALE to all of the nation's largest lead buyers.

No branding of ALE!
Also within a few minutes, users can be browsing used vehicles with pictures. All inquiries are sold through ALE.

No branding. Custom colors and fonts to match your site.

Increase Revenue from Existing Traffic

Instantly sell to the top twenty lead buyers in the industry. Our forms will match the fonts and colors of your site. No technical development on your part, and no financial commitment.
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